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Welcome back to another review and thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to check out this new product.

Viral Traffic Machine Is a cloud-based application that creates clickable images and shares that to 7 major viral Social Media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Medium, Blogger & Imgur.

Stop spending hours manually posting your content to every different social media network that you use.

Finally, with this software, you can simply automate the process and be finished in less than a minute.

To get started, no special skills or experience is required. You don’t have to install anything because Viral Traffic Machine is cloud-based. The software does everything with the ease of clicking a button.

Viral Traffic Machine Review
You can also automate the whole process by planning your posts ahead.

This way you can automate your business and spend time concentrating on actually growing the business

Also, the agency version of Viral Traffic Machine gives you the ability to use this software for UNLIMITED clients so you can charge fees on top of your activities.

I am a huge fan of software that is functional and helps automate tasks, and this product will definitely help. Imagine how much faster you could grow online with this extra time at your disposal.

I would like to have seen Facebook added because I think that is one social network that most of use the most but still the others are going to be amazingly valuable especially given the low cost of entry here.

Sales Funnel & Up-Sells


Viral Traffic Machine Bonus 1Forget what every other affiliate might be offering you as a bonus because chances are it will be recycled PLR rubbish that is going to help you about as much as a kick in the nuts.

In this exclusive bonus, I show you 10 awesome ways to grow a huge organic Instagram presence without spending a penny on ads

Instagram Traffic Hacker is an awesome add-on bonus for Viral Traffic Machine and is a compact guide written by yours truly that will actually help you online rather than confusing you.

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Viral Traffic Machine Bonus 2How many of you are using Facebook?

I am guessing most of you …

I am throwing in a really awesome guide that will show you 5 awesome techniques that you can utilize with Facebook ads.

Generate bucket loads of leads while keeping costs down

This is going to be an awesome addition to your purchase of Viral Traffic Machine and will allow you to make the most amount of money in the shortest possible time


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Snapchat … The social media platform completely forgotten about by many businesses and marketers.


Think you can’t profit from Snapchat? Think again!

In my book I show you how Snapchat can be insanely profitable and getting your brand exposed to Snapchat can offer some of the highest ROI’s of ANY social media platform.

Interested? I would be …

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