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Dan Bradley here with a special welcome message.

I wanted to personally welcome you to my official blog. As an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Coach and Speaker I always have plenty to say and even more to show, So … I hope you will join me on this journey, whether you are yet to make your first dollar online or ready to grow your company to 5 … 6 … or even 7 figure monthly revenues

Wherever you are at right now within your own lives there are always things we can improve, whether that be in your business, your relationships or your health and the aim of this blog is to give away more free resources, information, and products than the “gurus” are charging for.

But first, do you have the “Dan Bradley Mindset”

“When it comes to success, there are two completely different mindsets”

The first one is called the Michael Moore view … if you guys know who Michael Moore is, I’m not a huge fan. I don’t watch all his videos or movies, but I’m aware of who he is.

Basically, the Michael Moore view is that “1 out of 160 is a freak accident. Just like the lottery commission using winners for advertising to convince people they can win a game that they cannot so that they do not come with pitchforks and torches and eat the rich.

It’s a freak accident to which the overwhelming majority can’t make it happen, so they shouldn’t aspire to it, and the whole game is rigged.”

The opposite, the opposing view, the view of people who actually are successful is this, “If there is 1 then there could be 2 and I could figure out how to be number 2.” That’s it.

So one mindset is that this a freak accident, there’s no way I could possibly make this happen, therefore I should not aspire to even try.

The second is, if one person did it, there could be two, and I could figure out how to be number two.

Dan Bradley Internet MarketingNow think about your mindset in which one of these you lead with. Because I guarantee you I could look at where you are in your life or your health or your relationships, or whatever it might be, and I’ll tell you which one of these views you actually follow. You may believe that “Oh yeah, I’m definitely the opposed” And you probably are on some things in life, but maybe not everything.

If there is 1 then there could be 2 and I could figure out how to be number 2

When I look at how many businesses make it past a million dollars a year, ten million, a hundred million, all those kind of things, and what’s crazy is half of it is just showing up. If you just show up and read a book, you’re double as likely to be successful. Most people just don’t do the minimum effort. If you just do some things moving towards that goal, your odds become insanely good.

Dan BradleySo much has changed over the past few years and more and more business is now being done online than ever before.

This creates both challenges and opportunity.

Navigating the online world can be tricky, especially when you are just starting out. But with my team and I in your corner, you will discover that there is no shortage of opportunity to create and grow your laptop startup.

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I receive thousands of emails every day from people wanting to start their own businesses but are big on talk and small on action. The sad reality is most of these people will never be able to enjoy the true freedom of a laptop lifestyle, not because they are uneducated or unintelligent or even had poor business ideas but simply because they failed to take action and work hard towards their dream!

“Success comes from taking action not just talking”

– Dan bradley

If you are finally ready to break free and see real results, life-changing profits and regain control of your life, then you might just be in the right place. If you are looking to just dream and not change the world then perhaps we are not a fit! I work with action takers, the doers, the real go-getters who are ready to work their way to a new life.

Dan Bradley MarketingSo if you are ready to get going, jump in with me and together let’s bring about change and profits.

Once again thanks for checking out this blog, I hope you are now following me on social media and have signed up to the newsletter so I can keep providing you with amazing free content that will power your business.

The Dan Bradley Official Blog is here to help you meet and achieve your business goals.

Have an awesome & productive day with whatever you are working on and keep motivated towards that goal.

Best Wishes,



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